Tripit: Organizes all your booking confirmations and tickets into one platform automatically rather than having to go back and search through old emails. It also keeps your old tickets on file for quick referencing. 

Skyscanner: Similar to other flight search engine companies giving you the best flight deals, but I like the way this works over the other companies at the moment. 

Travisa: Passport and visa expediter, but I like using the app most to see what the visa requirements are for countries I’m traveling to. It’s easily laid out for you instead of having to search through a million websites. This is one of my favorite apps!

Embassies: This is essential knowing where your local embassies and consulates are when you’re traveling. You never know in the state of an emergency. 

ISOS: This is a paid service, but if you’re a baller I loved using it! This provides international medical assistance, emergency services, healthcare, evacuation and repatriation services. It also gives you unbiased information about what’s going on in other countries (e.g. were there any outbreaks or violent acts that you should be concerned about as a traveler.) 

World Map: Super useful for world travelers! I’m always looking at it when I’m trying to plan my long-term travel routes. 

Converter: I use this religiously when I travel. It has currency converter for all countries, weight calculators because I really don’t want to have to do the math from kilograms to pounds when I’m checking my luggage into an airline. It has it all! Love it!

Best Time to GoThis is a great tool when you’re trying to figure out the best time to travel somewhere. It’ll give you information about the prime time to visit. If you’re a budget traveler, you might want to look into the shoulder seasons. 

Uber: Connects you with a private driver in minutes. You have all the convenience of paying from your phone too! Usually you get your first ride free but you have to look for the promo codes! 

Lyft: This is Uber’s competitor. Sometimes I go back and forth when one company is doing surge pricing. You can usually find a better deal if you toggle between the two. Again, look for promo codes for your first free ride! 


Whatsapp: Cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. Available on most smart phones. 

Viber: Pretty much the same as Whatsapp but allows you to also make video calls in any country. 


Airbnb: Unique short-term rentals. From a private Tuscany villa to glamping in a teepee in Malibu. 

Couchsurfing: An online travel community where you can offer a traveler a place to crash for free or vice versa. If you’re not up for sharing your couch with strangers, you can also meet up with them and have a drink instead. Use your common sense safety when reaching out to people and read their references. 

Hostelworld: A booking reservation site for hostels, bed and breakfasts, and hotels. They’re also rated. 

Hotel Tonight: Amazing last-minute deals at top-rated hotels. Book Tonight, Tomorrow or 7 Days Out.

Hopper: Flight predictor service


Ithaka: Your personal travel assistant for Thailand. You can ask them anything from where’s a cool waterfall to hike to in Chiang Mai to where can you find a good bike rental. If you need company, they even have a Facebook group you can connect with others. 

Viator: Handpicked tours and activities with a 24/7 support. 


Trip Advisor: An all-in-one service where you can book flights or hotels and read real travel reviews in one place. 

Yelp: Reviews on local businesses written by real people (with the occasional fake review). Find reviews written by Yelp Elites who have to follow specific trusted reviewer guidelines in order to get their badge. I’m speaking first-hand as a Yelp Elite for over 5 years.