I’m Cee – a nature lover, adventure seeker, foodie, and wino.  I’ve summited North Africa’s tallest mountains, sailed on a nonstop 10-day voyage across the South Pacific, and received my Divemaster certification at a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for some of the strongest and deadliest currents in the world.

I have a preference for slow travel spending an average of one to three months per country so you’ll likely find me volunteering on my journeys or exploring creative ways to sustain the travel lifestyle by exploring interesting gigs like teaching yoga, yachting, dive guiding, or Airbnb managing.

My goal is to share the world through my perspective in an ADD sort of way. You’ll soon realize what a certification queen I’ve become, which according to all the studies out there will make this blog a big flop!

If that’s the case, I’ll still accompany my travel addiction with a bottle of wine I am bound to find no matter where I am in the world and sleep at night because I really do sleep well at night. It could be because of the wine. 🙂

Thanks for allowing me to entertain you, even if for only a short bit.

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