I first found out about Reiki almost five years ago when I lived in downtown L.A. and had a strong desire to want to try it. The idea about removing energy blockages intrigued me and at that time I probably needed it more than I do today.

I have felt so much joy in my life since I quit my desk job and sold everything I owned to travel the world.

Occasionally I’d see a Reiki service pop up but the cards never played out to where I could see what the hype is about.

There are lots of cool holistic style healing activities to do on the tiny island of Caye Caulker that include aura cleansing massages, yoga, and other various types of massages from outdoors next to the beach to an air-conditioned quieter setting in a building.

What to Expect?

I didn’t do any research or reading up on what to expect before I booked a last minute appointment, but I did remember vaguely that for some people they felt a lot of heat coming from their Reiki practitioner.

I didn’t feel any of this so it made me wonder if I had a good Reiki guy. At first, I was expecting a woman so it did throw me off a bit. He also told me to focus on one color or things that were bothering me.

You start off by laying face down on a massage bed. You have about 10 minutes to reflect and then your Reiki practitioner comes in. It started with a bell (one that I never heard before but long echoed in an enchanting way). You can hear it close and near your ears moving.

He then begins the treatment and places his hands on your shoulders, body, and feet. You turn over, slides a smooth rock under each hand, covers your eyes, forehead, and other parts with tiny stones, and he repeats the sessions. I got whiffs of peppermint throughout. Mellow music continues in the background.

My mind is focused on green. All I could visualize was a blank slate of green and then it changed to blue. I had a few random thoughts about the guy last night who tried to hit on me with his girlfriend right there then I kept thinking about my blog and what I recently wrote. Love. Should I make this Reiki treatment about my energy blockages with love?

It wasn’t until at least 15 minutes that I felt my first tingling sensation. I feel like I was slapped with it because it came suddenly. That’s when I was thinking, “Oh! Okay, this is what it’s about.”

It ends with the smell of sage and then a misty spray over your face and body.

After the treatment, my body definitely felt tingly but I wasn’t feeling refreshed or amazing like I thought I would. It made me wonder if I got good treatment. I’m relaxed though and noticed my appetite had returned. I’m thirsty. I’m fatigued and really tired.

I guess that’s not too bad considering I could have had a case of diarrhea instead, eh?

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