Wedged between two more popular countries in South America, Uruguay proves itself worthy as your downtown destination. Uruguayans take pride in their beach-lined coasts, rich culture and history, and tourist attractions. But more than that, this country offers visitors an exceptional experience. Here are four ways to explore Uruguay. 


Parades and parties never hear the last call in Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo. It hosts the longest Carnaval celebration in South America, lasting a full forty days. You may dance and sing-along with the natives in Desfile de las Llamadas, an all night long parade. This parade is usually accompanied by the drumming of the candombe, a historical instrument in Uruguay.


Primarily known as a summer beach destination, Uruguay’s beaches do not disappoint. Punta del Este is the home of some of the best beaches in Uruguay. Usually visited by celebrities and wealthy vacationers during late December to February, it simply is the perfect place to soak, swim, and relax.

Tourists looking for white sand beaches with astonishing vistas can find them at Punta del Diablo. A five-hour bus ride from Montevideo, this is the ideal place to go for a walk at sunset, enjoy the sea breeze, and breathe in clean air. You may even go surfing and kite-boarding with Punta del Diablo’s strong waves and winds.


Uruguay has stunning land areas too. Visitors can take a long walk and just be one with nature at the Parque Nacional Santa Teresa. This park sprawls over a 3,000-hectar area covered with about 2 million trees and traversed by 60 km of high trails. Flora and fauna originating from various regions around the world can also be found in this park. Another tourist attraction inside the park that has a historical significance is the Fortaleza de Santa Teresa that lies quietly on top of a hill.


For visitors looking for a laidback adventure, Gauchos in Estancias are there to help. Estancias, mostly found in the interior of Uruguay, give the tourists a chance to experience the tranquility of the country. It offers old farmhouses to stay at, horses to rent and take on guided tours on the beach or in the forest and learn new skills such as cattle herding.

Uruguay may not yet be recognized as a top tourist destination, but it will surely leave you speechless with everything it has to offer. Progressive, striking, secure, and culturally refined, Uruguay is a diamond in the rough. Looking for your next downtown destination? Perhaps it’s time to say “Hola, Uruguay!”


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