Thinking of spending a full 24 hours in Positano, Italy? Here are some of the key things you need to know:

  • This gem of a town on the Amalfi Coast is BIG on lemons. And sandals.
  • If you prefer, you can have your sandals made according to your specifications on any shoe boutique or roadside shop — a nifty boon because you’ll want to walk everywhere… and bet your blisters would take all the fun out of that.
  • The lemons are also quite nifty — you’ll likely wish to be hydrated at regular intervals, and whether it’s through a drink, a cold dessert, or through any number of Italian-style sweets you can think of, the lemons used to make them are reliably refreshing.
  • Strictly speaking, you’re required to walk almost everywhere. But you won’t be complaining much, seeing as the streets, stairways, and flower-draped buildings alone are sights rewarding enough by themselves. There are lots of churches, towers, and out-of-the-way villages to visit too if you’re inclined to spend more than 24 hours in Positano to properly explore them all. Tip: When you get far enough up this lovely terraced town, look to the coast and decide if all that walking hadn’t been worth it.
  • Everyone keeps saying how stunning Positano looks when seen from the outskirts — very few places in the world could equal these stacks of pastel houses that seemingly cascade from the mountains down to the beaches. But has anyone ever told you what the view from ocean-facing windows in any of those houses is like? No? It’s probably ‘cause that’s something best left for you to find out
  • Ah — almost forgot about the beaches. But then again, if you’re planning to spend a mere 24 hours in Positano, Italy, it’s forgivable to assume that visiting Fornillo or the Marina Grande (or both!) is already pretty high up your list of priorities… isn’t it?

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