Traveling to Rome can be an expensive outing as it is a major city so things tend to cost more. However, you can still experience the great Roman cuisine with these popular suggestions from locals.

Pizza Pizza!

It wouldn’t be Rome if you don’t enjoy a slice or two. What’s great about this city is that there are so many selections to choose from. Each pizzeria offers a unique touch so every slice is just sheer perfection.


Dar Poeta

This place is aptly named as every single bite feels like poetry. With an amazing combination of flavors, you will find yourself wanting more and more.

Dar Poeta is in the Trastevere Alleys at the Vicolo del Bologna. Its location is an added bonus as you get to enjoy your delicious pizza at a very nice setting. They have outdoor seating so you can feast under the romantic Roman sky.

The prices are also quite good for the area. You’ll find yourself spending around $10 for their specialties like the Sarmonata.

Pizzeria Serenella

This pizzeria is located at the Via Salaria close to Villa Borghese. It’s a unique experience as it’s not a regular pizzeria. At Serenella, you decide how much of the pizzas displayed you want. You pay by weight rather than by slice or kind. In Rome, this is called “Pizza al taglio.”

You can choose the Neapolitan buffalo mozzarella or homemade artichoke cream or both! Simply tell the smiling servers which ones you want and how much you’d like and they’ll be happy to help you out.

Along with having quite a good selection, Serenella is budget-friendly since you would only need to shell out around $3 to $4 for a hefty serving.

Ice Cream and Gelato

This cold treat is a universal snack favorite. Rome boasts of some of the best ice cream and gelato places that you would definitely not want to miss.


La Romana

This historic ice cream shop originated from Rimini and now has three different locations in Rome. There are a lot of flavors to satisfy you — from basic ones to those more adventurous and creative such as the biscotto della nona. 

Although the flavors are all interesting, it’s the way they serve it that makes it a unique experience: They fill the cone with your choice of warm chocolate. So, when you’re done eating your ice cream, you get that extra chocolate treat at the end.

Il Gelatario

Located at Via Tuscolona, this gelato heaven offers a unique selection for your sweet tooth. From classic fruits to interesting Italian-inspired flavors such as the Biscotto Di Roma, you are sure to find one that’s perfect for you.

They have such a friendly and accommodating staff so don’t be afraid to ask what’s in some of the oddly named flavors.

For only $3, you can enjoy a medium serving with three different flavors and a generous dollop of whipped cream. If you enjoy a lot of cream on your gelato, you can even ask for “doppia panna.”


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