Traveling to France always meant going to see the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre. It’s almost always expected of any traveler to have their picture taken in these famous landmarks. But if you’re looking for something to do outside the City of Love, why not go on an adventure travel expedition in France?

A tour of the old chateaus around the Loire Valley should be a great adventure for people who are interested in historical landmarks and old architectural structures. There are walking tours that can take you from one chateau to another so that you can see what it is like inside. Some of these walking tours include wine and food tasting. You can sample some of France most delectable cuisines as you discover the beauty that the Loire Valley offers.

For people seeking a more sports oriented adventure expedition, the French Alps is the place to go. Skiing, hiking, snowboarding and mountain climbing are just some of the many activities that the French Alps has to offer. You can trek around the mountains and the woods to see the beauty of Mother Nature up close or you can marvel at the pristine snow-capped mountain views as you sip your hot cocoa from the many hotels that abound in the area. You can also just relax, make snow angels and enjoy the beautiful snowy surroundings that the French Alps is famous for.

Another great adventure travel expedition that France is known for is the French Riviera tour. The French Riviera (Cote d’Azur) lies along the coastline of southeastern France. Here you will find Saint Tropez and Cannes. The picturesque views of the villages and houses sitting high off the cliffs will make you think of beautiful coastline paintings and simple life on the coast. The French Riviera tours offer a view of the luxurious beaches and quaint surrounding villages that make it one of France’s most famous destinations.

A culinary tour of France is not to be missed especially for foodies. This type of adventure traveling gives you a tour of the best places to eat in France. These gastronomic tours will take your taste buds to an incredible food adventure as you sample French cuisines and pair them with some of France’s finest wines. Bordeaux and Provence are some of the best places to go on food adventure trips in France.

For budget conscious adventure travelers, Nice is a nice place to go. You can soak up some sun in this southern seaside town as you browse through markets and souvenir shops for trinkets and things you can bring home.

Think out of the box and go on adventure travel destinations in France. Soak in the beautiful countryside and seaside locations in France and get more from your vacation. Veer away from doing the touristy things, unless it is your first time in France, and find out what other adventures France has to offer. Go to the paths not usually taken and discover the beauty of France.


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