With up to 10,000 visitors in a single day, is Maya Bay worth going to? Maya Bay sits along Phi Phi Islands and has gained most of it’s popularity from the movie, “The Beach”, starring Leonardio DiCaprio. Me along with thousands of others wanted to see this piece of paradise and so I did what everyone else did and signed up for a day tour. I have to say I was happy about the way our guide was able to manage our timing throughout the day. We arrived about 20 minutes before we started seeing a school of water vessels coming in from every direction and letting off dozens of people at a time. It’s hard to take notice of this tropical paradise when it’s ruined by hundreds of people interrupting your beautiful view with their selfie sticks and fancy DSLRs. While I’m appreciative I got to knock this one off my “Thailand Bucket List” I can honestly say that I wouldn’t return again. The bay is simply too small for the amount of visitors it attracts.



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  1. I was so excited about this gorgeous clean beach until, it was bombarded by the noise. It no longer felt like a paradise as, the tourists filled the sandy beaches (me being selfish).
    The snorkeling was nice here if, only for a few minutes.
    If it had a quota for the hour (maybe six boats) then, it would be inviting.
    I am glad to have been there so, it’s your choice.

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