Bangkok is one of the top destinations in Southeast Asia. Here you will find everything you need to know about transportation from the airport, SIM cards, accommodation, and how to pick a neighborhood. 


The most efficient and least expensive way to get into the city is to use the BTS Skytrain. Otherwise, you can take a taxi which costs you about $40 USD.

You should be able to pick up a SIM card from the airport. DTac covers more area and cheaper but spottier in the city. True carrier is biggest but centric to big cities.


Line, Tuk Tuks, Motorbike taxis, taxis, and trains. Uber is available but not reliable. I dealt with many cancellations from my drivers after waiting 45 minutes to pick me up and because they couldn’t find me, canceled my ride. This happened from several different locations.


Like any big city, you can use many different booking platforms. I prefer using Agoda for hotels, HostelWorld for hostels, and AirBNB for something unique.

Tip: HostelWorld sometimes offers the same accommodations as Agoda. Try comparing prices between the two. HostelWorld is often less expensive and doesn’t charge any booking fees. This may be because their audience is often budget travelers.


Picking the right neighborhood can be intimidating. You definitely don’t want to pick a special deal from a hotel provider only to find it’s in a desolate area on the wrong side of town from where I want to be.

My Strategy:

Step 1: I first tend to look up neighborhoods on AirBNB. They offer a great platform that describes each of the neighborhoods. Am I looking for my hipster crew? Will I be there more on business? Or am I looking for a place centrally located to all the tourist attractions? Check out AirBNB first and read up on the different neighborhoods.

Step 2: If you’re not feeling AirBNBish and want to stay in a hotel, I then look up Agoda and search by location based on the categories listed and reference my AirBNB list. Once I find a place I like on Agoda, I cross-reference with HostelWorld to see which has the better rate. 9/10 times, HostelWorld always saves me a few dollars.

Note: I do not receive any affiliate payments by recommending these companies.


Bangkok has an amazing food culture. You can find all sorts of cuisines from street food to fine dining. There are also many great cooking schools if you wanted to learn how to cook Thai food. I took a cooking class through (website) while attending TBEX (travel blogger conference) and it was some of the best food on my trip.


You get 30 days for free as a US citizen but getting a longer visa wasn’t too difficult for me to obtain. There was a Thai consulate in Los Angeles, where I used to live, and I got a 90-day visa pretty easy before my arrival. It cost me $60, and they hang onto your visa for 24-48 hours upon approval. When it’s returned, you have a Thai social visa occupying one full page in your passport.


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