No tours, no fighting big crowds, white sandy beaches, mango shakes made fresh by the local longtail boat tenders, and blue skies. This is what you’re likely to find on your trip to Railay Beach. It’s truly a paradise and to my surprise not as populated.

It sits isolated with dramatic limestone cliffs towering from behind creating signature picturesque tropical views.

railay beach

If you’re not staying on one of the resorts, it’s about a twenty-minute water taxi ride from more populous Aonang Beach on Krabi Island. There’s not much to do but sunbathe, help yourself to some of their freshly made fruit shakes sold on one of the boats sitting on the sandy shore, or my favorite kayaking.

kayaking railay w mom

A kayak can be rented for $5 per hour, and you can solo tour with your mum, mate, or partner through and around the Andaman Sea. It’s quiet here with minimal resources, but there is a resort where you can find wild monkeys stealing bananas from your hand if you get too close. This was one of my favorite activities around the area due to its photogenic topography.


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